Banana hazelnut chocolate milkshake🌰🍫 🍌🥛

Some health benefits of banana shakes include:

  • It has healthy carbs and calories and when combined with other high calorie food such as almond or any other nuts and milk can increase your body’s calorie in take.
  • bananas are a rich source of complex carbs, which helps prevent muscle cramps . Making them perfect for fueling a workout.
  • It also helps to aid the hangover.

“This is a milkshake which is fully packed with calorie,and hazelnut are with nutrients , vitamins , minerals , and some healthy fats. “

This healthy milkshake is good for children’s as well as adults. Tasty and good for people who love to put on their weight.
  • Raw banana. – 2
  • Milk. – 2 cup
  • Dates. – 6 dates
  • hazelnut chocolates. – 3 to 4
  • Vanilla essence – 2 spoons
  • Sugar or honey. – if necessary
  • Choco chips. – 8 to 10
  • Nuts. – 10 pieces

STEP 1 :

Take 2 raw bananas add up dates hazelnut chocolates ( I used kinder bueno hazelnut chocolate ) and can add up some nuts ( almond / cashew/ walnut) of your choice . Grind it then add up some milk adjust the consistency accordingly.


Now add sugar or honey if necessary because I’ve already added some dates for sweetness. Finally transfer it to a glass and add vanilla extract and give a stir.

STEP 3 :

Finally decorate the mailkshake with choco chips and a chocolate serve it chill.

  1. Adding up cashew and almond gives more nutrients.
  2. To the parents, who always feel that your child is not in-taking nuts or dates in their daily diet ,you can give them this they will just love it.
  3. Add vanilla extract for the can also be omitted.
  4. For more sweetness instead of sugar you can add honey. It’s more healthy for the children.

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