Finger millet Ladoo

Finger millet ladoo is a A healthy and traditional ladoo recipe made from finger millet called as Ragi in Tamil and Peanuts. For sweetness, we are adding Karupati Vellam / Palm Jaggery. Overall, these sweet balls can be enjoyed by any age group people starting from kids to elders. For different variation you can replace or add in almonds, walnuts or cashews with peanuts. We can add white sesame seeds to this ladoo.

My mother in law make this ladoo and I tasted it as Chimli or ragi urundai. It is done by making ragi root and breaking this into pieces.


  • Finger millet – 2 cups
  • Salt 🧂 – pinch
  • Peanut 🥜 – 1 cup
  • Jaggery – 1 cup


Step 1:

In a bowl add Ragi flour and add a pinch of salt combine them well and add water to that mix to get a soft chapathi dough. Now in a plate pat and make the ragi dough to big and thin circle and toast them on both the sides until it is cooked.

Step 2 :

You can check if it is cooked completely by change of color . It changes to brown . Do not over cook or burn them. You can cover cook them to make the process fast. Now, in a pan add in the peanuts and dry roast them until the skin gets peel by itself then turn the flame of and keep aside

Step 3 :

Next, tear the roti and make it as a small pieces and grind them in a mixed jar once done. Keep them separately in a bowl. Now remove the excess skin of peanuts and pulse them to a powder. Add the jaggery when the peanuts are coarse powdered . Pulse them too. Now add-in the ragi pieces to the jar and pulse for 5 seconds to get them all together.

Now , make it as a ball of desired size and store them in fridge. Can be stored for 10 to 15 days.

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