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Archana Arunkumar அர்ச்சனா அருண் குமார்

Home Maker

The part of me which I like the most is being a home maker.I love spending my time at home. Cooking a meal,creating some new dishes ,playing with my son,chatting with my hubby and having fun is all that I always love to ❤️

Life’s basic and essential need is food which I try it in my own way. This is Archana Arunkumar. When I tried out my first ever dish and it came out really well . I had a love towards cooking. The love for cooking made me to try out many dishes – dishes from my mother n mother in laws , friends and family – made me to create my blog. My hubby who always wanted me to do the best , motivated and helped me in all way to make this blog.So it’s all not only about cooking  it’s also about pictures and short clips of the places I visited around the world.Bring them visually in front of your eyes .☺️☺️


Cooking 🧑‍🍳

I love cooking because i love eating.

History & Culture

Ever wondered why we do something that our ancestors told us about. Well, turns out there are reasons behind each of our cultural norms. My interests lie in finding out the actual benefits of all those beliefs and actions that our rich cultural heritage.

Travel 🧳

Life is short with endless possibilities. So make the most of it. My only dream is to see as much of the world as posisble. Different cultures, different places and different people.

Home 🏡 Decor

No matter where you are and what you do, its our home that ultimately defines our life. We spend 75% of our life at home. And how we maintain our home largely defines how our life is. A good home decor goes a long way in making a harmonious living.
Home sweet home 🏠 it is.

Let’s make something together.

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