Schezwan Sauce

Schezwan sauce is a spicy and pungent sauce made with dry chilli, garlic πŸ§„ , onion πŸ§…,ginger and other spices. It is a Indo Chinese sauce of hot πŸ₯΅ chilli sauce. It is common-sauce for all the indo Chinese cuisine This sauce can also be used as a dip. Schezwan sauce is the 1st everContinue reading “Schezwan Sauce”

Pizza πŸ• sauce.

Easy Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipe! 5 minutes and 10 ingredients results in the best pizza sauce you will ever have! Gluten-free, paleo-friendly, dairy-free, & vegan! When the first time we decided to make pizza in home. We went to shop for getting veggies and other herbs to make them. When we stopped at the pizzaContinue reading “Pizza πŸ• sauce.”